(4 or 5 Days)

If you are looking for a staff in-service experience that is going to result in an immediate and positive impact on both student and staff performance look no further. This baseline staff development workshop has enjoyed rave reviews from every organization that has offered it.
This workshop is designed to provide your staff with a top-notch professional growth experience focusing on instructional and classroom management skills.

Some outcomes that participants can expect are:

- Increased student time on task.
- Improved student behavior.
- Improved student performance.
- Insights Into and options for classroom organization.
- Motivation of students.
- Classroom management techniques that work.

As part of the Instructional Skills Workshop, APL Associates makes available to participants TEACHING:THE BOOK as a resource in support of the instructional skills and strategies taught in the five day workshop.

For more detailed information about APL and/or any of its exciting staff development/in-service programs please contact:

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